Vida Prefabricated Shower – Easy Installation

Vida Prefabricated Shower – Easy Installation

Vida Prefabricated Shower

Our newest collection of easy to install, barrier free 5-Piece Shower and shower pans. Left or right hand drain makes these ideal for bathtub replacement.

With Vida prefabricated showers, you can have a beautiful shower in place fast with our innovative design and no caulk option, sure to please homeowners and contractors alike. Customize with option packages to suit your needs.

Quality You Can Trust

Our products are reinforced to allow the installation of weight-bearing accessories at any time. The walls are fully encapsulated and finished on both sides, requiring no gloves when handling. The bases are strengthened with resin reinforcement and wood to stand up to years of use.

Form & Function

Choose Accessories that Meet Your Needs & Style.

Self supporting base for Renovative Bath Systems.

Faster Install

We have designed this product for a potential 1-day Installation!

Renovative Bath Systems no pins needed.

No Pins or Clips Needed

Innovative interlocking base and wall design simplify installation.

Renovative Bath made from AcrylX.


AcrylX™ finish carries a lifetime limited residential warranty (30 year commercial).


No caulk shower Vida collection Renovative Bath Systems.

No Caulk

No caulk installation saves time & gives a clean look.


Renovative Bath Systems wood seat for an accessible shower.

Wood Reinforced Walls

Full wood backing for weight-bearing accessories; install now or later.

Renovative Bath Systems subway tile, tile for a shower.

Elegant Subway Tile Design

The subway tile wall design matches both traditional and modern decor.

Shower with storage and shelf space, Renovative Bath Systems.

More Storage Space

Extra large shelving niche holds all of your toiletries.

Square drain walk-in shower, Vida Collection from Renovative Bath.

Modern Square Drain

Includes a friction drain with a modern square chrome grid.