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Aug 24, 2023 | EZ Able® Articles

Vertical Platform Lift Installation Requirements

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Written by Jody Fisk

Installing a vertical platform lift is a complex task that requires careful planning, proper equipment, and adherence to safety regulations.

Vertical platform lifts are typically used to provide wheelchair accessibility or to transport individuals with mobility challenges between different levels of a building.

Here are the general steps involved in the installation of a vertical platform lift:

Assessment and Planning:

    • Assess the site where the lift will be installed. Consider factors such as space availability, structural support, and electrical connections.
    • Determine the appropriate type and size of the lift based on the specific needs of the users and the site conditions.

Permitting and Regulations:

    • Check local building codes and regulations regarding accessibility lifts. You may need permits or approvals from local authorities.

Site Preparation:

    • Prepare the site by ensuring it is level and free of obstacles.
    • Install any necessary structural supports, such as a concrete pad or reinforced flooring, to ensure the lift’s stability.

Electrical Work:

    • Ensure that there is a dedicated electrical supply available for the lift. This may require wiring and installation of a dedicated circuit.

Testing and Inspection:

        • Conduct a thorough test of the lift to ensure it operates smoothly and safely.
        • Check all safety features, including emergency stops and alarms.
        • Schedule an inspection by a qualified technician or an inspector from your local regulatory authority.

Final Adjustments and Calibration:

    • Fine-tune the lift’s operation and make any necessary adjustments to ensure it meets safety standards.
    • Calibrate the lift’s controls and settings to match the specific requirements of the installation.


    • Provide training to users and caregivers on how to operate the lift safely.
    • Ensure that users are familiar with emergency procedures and how to respond in case of a malfunction.


    • Establish a regular maintenance schedule to ensure the lift remains in good working condition. Maintenance typically includes inspections, lubrication, and replacement of worn components.

Documentation and Compliance:

    • Maintain detailed records of installation, inspections, and maintenance activities to demonstrate compliance with regulations and for future reference.
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